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With Fire Your Boss You Can:
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  • Overcome The Cycle of Failure and Overwhelm & Uncover Uncapped Entrepreneurial Growth
  • Build ANY Successful Business With These Strategies – Offline, Digital, Network Marketing – You Name It!


Hemi Hossain

This is a man who has built an empire as a business coach and Digital Entrepreneur. An international speaker, author, investor and winner of Best Business Award in Melbourne 2018, Hemi has been featured in National and International Publications around the globe.

Hemi's journey to becoming a Digital Entrepreneur and coach has been a challenging road. Coming from a life of poverty in Bangladesh, Hemi made made a decision that would change his life forever. At age 19, and mustering up $600 from a family friend, Hemi moved to Australia. No English. No job. No support. He even had to leave his family behind. He had just 1 thing in mind. SURVIVAL.

After years and years of building a new life and working his way through the ranks, Hemi made another MASSIVE life decision. He FIRED HIS BOSS and QUIT HIS JOB.

Hemi's decision to leave a comfortable life of an executive originated from a couple of painful, personal events. Hemi has the profundity ability to treat these experiences as inspiration to do and be better for himself and others.

In 2020 Hemi became International Best Selling Author with his debut book 'Fire Your Boss: Transform from Employee to Digital Entrepreneur'.

This book not only provides an in-depth understanding of the key factors required to become a successful Entrepreneur, but also chronicles Hemi’s life journey, which by itself is an inspirational and jaw-dropping story of courage, persistence and purpose.

So... What Is This 7 Step Process

(And How Can You Use It To Grow Your Business!?!)

Over the past 7 Years I have spent enormous amounts of money, time and energy to figure out what works for almost every situation you could currently be in. 

  • If your goal is to quit your job and become a Digital Entrepreneur with your own brand, we've got you covered...
  • If you want to fire your boss and start selling products or services online, we've got you covered...

I wrote this book, Fire Your Boss, as a playbook to show you how to fire your boss and become a Digital Entrepreneur with the SAME process I used to build mine!

The 7 Proven Steps framework that you are about to find inside these pages have now helped literally hundreds of previous employees around the world quit their jobs and grow faster than ever before.

This best selling book will give you access to all the steps, processes and secrets that I use to scale my companies online so you can become your own boss! 

How I've Created Over 300 Digital Entrepreneurs
(It Took Years of Failing, Experimenting and Researching to Finally Write This Book...)

Having been on my entrepreneurial journey for the last 7 years, I can safely say that I have spent huge amounts of money, time and energy to learn how to transform my life from being an employee to now being a successful Digital Entrepreneur

I attended countless trainings, workshops and seminars to learn how to create, build and grow my business. But I failed so many times. It was exhausting, frustrating and sometimes even painful.

TRUST ME when I say that learning this on your own can be incredibly overwhelming.

While the knowledge and skills I learnt at the workshops created an excitement in me, it was equally as PAINFUL and FRUSTRATING when I found that I understood the theory of what was being taught, but I had blocks around implementing them within my own business.

Have you ever felt like this... that you could understand a concept, but didn't know how to implement it? 

What I've found over the years is that it wasn't a lack of knowledge that was holding me back, but the lack of:

  • Structure
  • Framework
  • ​Mentoring
  • ​Accountability
"As it Turns Out, Succeeding As An Entrepreneur Has NOTHING To Do With What Buttons You Click, Where You Get Your Funding or What The Economy is Doing..."

Once I developed these aspects of my business, I started to grow. And now I'm helping thousands of others to do the same...

And what I’ve discovered over these past 7 years is that the process of becoming an Entrepreneur and what it requires has been massively misunderstood for decades.

Here’s why:

Most people focus on their EXTERNAL environment…

  • The “secret system” to making money…
  • The buttons to click…
  • The “perfect” Investor to fund their idea…
  • The right timing...
  • Having best team...
They’re focusing on are what I call “The TACTICS" or "The External Elements" they need to succeed as an Entrepreneur. 

Their Focus is WRONG!

What I’ve discovered...

Is that the ANSWER lies in your INTERNAL focus – WHO you need to BE to succeed, not WHAT you have externally, not having the "best" team, what buttons you click or the "right timing".

I know that there are so many of you out there feeling the same pain and frustration that I was 7 years ago... You're either
  • Working a job you hate and looking for a way out, OR
  • ​An employee with a passion to start your own business but don't know how to start

Well, the GOOD NEWS is that I now have the structure, framework, mentoring and framework that you need to make your life as a Digital Entrepreneur a SUCCESS.


My years of research and mainly failed attempts have led me to a simple 7 stage process that actually works - a process that I’ve broken down into the “Fire Your Boss Triangle!”

Why Am I 'Giving' 

This Book Away...

* FREE *

2016 was the time I had to decide the future of Grow With Hemi. I had to decide “WHO” I was and what my mission in the World was going to be.

I realised I wanted to devote my life to coaching, training and guiding ENTREPRENEURS. 

I wanted to become a guiding VOICE for Entrepreneurs around the World who are struggling to take that first step.

I wanted to give millions hope that they could transform their lives… just like I did.

So, why is this book is FREE?

It is the EASIEST way to encourage someone to give themselves a chance. I wanted to give others the opportunity to learn everything I know, without spending years going through all of the same failures I did.

I want others to embark on that journey and forge a relationship with this book. A relationship that will guide them to becoming the successful Digital Entrepreneur they've always wanted to be.

I’m confident that once you read this book - you’ll want to learn more on a deeper level. 

So, there you go. Nothing but brutal honesty and transparency! I’m literally giving away this book for FREE because I want to make it easy for you to begin your entrepreneurial journey, with no excuses.

I can’t wait to hear your Entrepreneurial success story!

It’s our mission here at Grow With Hemi to do whatever it takes to make YOUR Entrepreneurial Journey a success. 

But, you have to step forward. Now is the time. Today is Day 1. Not "one day..."

Want a Detailed Sneak Peek

Inside 'Fire Your Boss'?

  • One: Starting From Nothing
  • Two: The Day I Fired My Boss
  • Three: Lets' Begin Your Business Transformation
  • ​Four: Working Smarter Not Harder
  • ​Five: Making Your Mind A Magnet For Success
  • Six: My Entrepreneurship Journey
  • Seven: The Proximity Principle
  • Eight: Digital Dominance
  • Nine: Transform & Perform


Are You Next?

Case Study #1
Tanya was not getting the Leads that she wanted! How did Hemi helped her get the RIGHT Leads

Tanya Leyson was struggling to get Leads for her Wellness Coaching business and was wasting thousands of dollars in Facebook Ads. With Hemi's help, Tanya got more clients and the right leads and 10X her business.

Case Study #2
How their Unique Program Helped Them Grow Their Business into a 6 Figure Yoga Studio

MOVE Yoga had wasn't getting enough leads for their Teacher Training Program. Hemi introduced them to his 4 triangle strategy and helped them grow their yoga studio.

Case Study #3

How Fire Your Boss Turned This Entrepreneur's

Business Into Growing 20% a Month

Being a daughter, wife, mother & sister, it's always hard for a woman to step forward and start the journey of entrepreneurship. Sharmin Mustika Mili, owner of Kahon Fashion Studio is very few of those brave souls. Through the Grow With Hemi's Diploma In Digital Entrepreneurship (DIDE) program, she successfully boosted his business and now she is a successful entrepreneur. 
The Teachings Within 'Fire Your Boss - The 7 Steps of Becoming a Digital Entrepreneur" Have Already Changed Lives...

All Over the World!

Are You Next?

Our students have even offered to review my book, alongside experts and some of the toughest critics in the Entrepreneurship space…

...and after reading over the reviews, the results speak for themselves...

Everyone has absolutely loved this book and said that it will change their lives.

Here's What My Clients Have to Say...


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Here's What "Health Coach"

Tanya Leyson Has to Say About this Life Changing Book: Fire Your Boss

"Thank You, Hemi Hossain, for the constant inspiration you have been providing me. It’s a pleasure working with you and look forward to continuing our collaboration.

It was a privilege getting mentored by you and learned a lot from you. You have motivated and inspired me. Anyone who wants to transform their life with a positive mindset get a copy of Hemi’s book, the No 1 Amazon Bestseller."

"Thank You, Hemi Hossain, for the constant inspiration you have been providing me. It’s a pleasure working with you and look forward to continuing our collaboration."
Tanya Leyson
"Hemi Hossain, you are a great coach and mentor"
Mana Sands
"How to take control of your life and live life your way...the real Entrepreneur follows what's in this book!"
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